AAHA – More Like AHA!

AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association, strives to create standards that make veterinary medicine and veterinary practices better! Watch the short video below for a brief overview on AAHA.

While there are too many standards of care to list all of them here, we will highlight a few of our favorites.


AAHA has a lot of requirements for anesthesia protocols in order to make the process safer for pets. Team members involved in the anesthesia process have gone through schooling and rigorous training to make sure they are comfortable with the entire anesthesia process from the initial sedation to monitoring to recovering your pet after the procedure.

Continuing Education

Learning doesn’t end when school ends! Each member of our team is required to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education each year to stay on top of the new advances in veterinary medicine. Last year we completed over 1000 hours of continuing education as a team!

Pain Management

Pain management is essential in the dental treatment process for your pet. That is why we follow the AAHA protocols to provide pain relief before (with the pre-medication), during (proper injections and anesthesia), and after (medications for home). Our pain management is tailored to your specific pet so we can make sure they are as comfortable as possible.


All of our staff members are required to undergo specific training standards appropriate to their position. When we hire a new staff member, they go through several days to weeks of training with senior staff members to make sure they are aware of all of the standards we must uphold at OAH. Our training is constantly evolving as veterinary medicine evolves.

Now It’s Your Turn

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